The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chose Project Home24h as one of the breakthrough economic achievements on the occasion of Slovenia's 30th independence anniversary

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 14:15

On the 30th anniversary of independent Slovenia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCI) has prepared a selection of the most ground-breaking economic achievements. The project Home24h - Smart Home of the Future for a comfortable and healthy living environment, whose partnership is coordinated by TECES was also included.

TECES participated during the ideation of the ground-breaking project idea, establishment of consortium and coordination of the project application submission. The Slovenian CCI selection confirmed the importance of the project, which combines technological solutions of 12 Slovenian companies into a conceptual uniform building.

The project pursues the goals of sustainable construction and at the same time provides a smart, connectable, and user-friendly advanced living and working environment. The selection also confirms the 20 years long synergistic role of TECES as a link between companies and research organizations in creation of breakthrough projects.

Project Home24h in the Company of the Best Economic Achievements

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independent Slovenia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia set up an outdoor photographic exhibition, at which the Slovenia's economic progress during its independence is presented. TECES is proud that the project Home24h - Smart Home of the Future for a comfortable and healthy living environment is also included. The Home 24h is displayed on a large billboard on the platform in front of the CCI building entrance in Ljubljana.

We are extremely pleased that the importance of the Home24h project, which combines the technological solutions of 12 Slovenian companies into a conceptual and uniform building, has been recognized and confirmed in this way. On the one hand, project ensures sustainable construction, and on the other hand, a smart, connectable, and user-friendly advanced living and working environment is provided.

Home24h is a Modern Residential and Business Building for The Future

Home24h combines several modes under one roof: living in a single-family house, doing work from home, and active spending of free time. The residential building is fully energy and information managed and supplied, connected to the environment on several levels, represents the basic cell of electro-mobility, follows the goals of a net zero-energy building, built-in devices and appliances are connected to the cloud (Internet of Things) and digital twin. With these characteristics, the residential building can be integrated into smart energy contracting as part of the wider local environment.

Home24h represents a visionary solution for future living, especially in the light of climate changes, digitalization trends in the business world and private life, and last but not least in the light of epidemiological experiences.

Partnership on a Tour to the Construction Site

The easing of the epidemiological situation enabled the Home24h consortium to hold the regular, now 21st meeting of the Project Council in the old manner, ie live. The Project Council is an important consultative body and includes representatives of all 12 partners. The TECES as project coordinator on a monthly basis provides the guidance and monitoring of the implementation of planned activities, follows the project objectives to achieve the set results.

As the coordinator we are proud that after 28 months of project implementation, the planned steps and the set plan is fully meet. Project management, of course, requires minor corrections as well as the management of any major tectonic shifts. However, the coordinator envisages all this in the risk management activities incorporated in the very logic of implementation of such a large and complex project.

TECES Home24h Collage 2021

Photo: Partnership on location of Home24h, Limbuš, Maribor, Slovenia

Most of the construction, assembly and integrative works will be completed this year. Next year the activities that will ensure that Dom24h will truly be a smart home are to be completed. If we draw the line under the current project management, we can say that the Home24h project is successful and exemplary managed and coordinated by the TECES as coordinator in cooperation with the leading partner of Marles House Maribor, d.o.o.

The confirmation of stated was received at the Home24h building construction location. After a successful Project Council meeting the Home24h construction site was visited by the consortium for the first time. Under the expert guidance of Marles hiše Maribor, the partner representatives got acquainted with the current state of construction.

The building itself and its furnishings are very impressive and only on site they come to life. The object presented in the project documentation is something completely different than on site visit, where seeing and feeling already integrated solutions is possible.

Coffee Invitation

We are already looking forward to witnessing the next phase and furnishing, when after a meeting in the business part of the building, in the residential part on the stove with built-in hood, we will make a coffee and drink it with our partners on the landscaped outdoor terrace.



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