Project “Home24h – The smart home of tomorrow, for a comfortable and healthy living and working environment”

We have just launched the website for the strategic development & demonstration project “Home24h – The smart home of tomorrow, for a comfortable and healthy living and working environment”.

Home24h is an integrative project for developing & demonstrating products (of renowned Slovene companies) used in the smart buildings of tomorrow, developing appropriate business models for marketing, and developing & demonstrating a new concept of living and working in a home in use 24 hours a day.

Considering the recent growing need for teleworking, the multimodal living concept – that allows users to use the building as both a home and a workplace at the same time – is particularly interesting.

One of the main results of strategic activity performed under the auspices of SRIP Smart Buildings and Home including Wood Chain (SRIP PSiDL)

Home24h represents one of the concrete results of the strategic action and vision implementation of the SRIP PSiDL partnership, which is aimed at providing a full range of solutions for the sustainable, healthy, environmentally and user friendly, interconnected and energy self-sufficient living and working environment of tomorrow.

Home24h is the development & demonstration project of twelve renowned Slovene companies and members of SRIP PSiDL. As an integrative project that focuses on comprehensively integrating solutions for all focal areas within the SRIP PSiDL partnership range of activities, it has even been recognised by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MoEDT), which approved co-financing of the project’s three-year operations (April 2019 – March 2022) through the European Regional Development Fund. Thus, the project Home24h has been recognised as strategically important for Slovenia's smart specialisation strategy (S4).

An opportunity to demonstrate Slovenian knowledge, and solutions developed in Slovenia

Alongside the lead partner MARLES HIŠE Maribor, d.o.o., eleven other internationally active Slovene companies, renowned in their field of work, are taking part in the project partnership. A demonstration building, which will incorporate all innovative solutions, will be located in Limbuš, near Maribor. Other stakeholders, who are developing and providing solutions for sustainable and smart buildings or surroundings but who are not yet members of the partnership, will be able to use its potential to present their innovative solutions.

Find out more about the project on the website Home24h.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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