TECES has launched a feasibility study on ways of developing smart deployable camps (Smart Camps)

Tuesday, 24 November 2020 13:53

As from October 2020, TECES has been conducting a feasibility study on ways of developing smart deployable infrastructure or Smart Deployable Camps (SmartCamp) under a public procurement contract for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia (MoD).

The aim of the R&D study is to analyse the state of technology and relevant global trends in SmartCamps, with a focus on research & development, and the technological and innovation capacities of Slovenian stakeholders. It also aims to define a vision, development strategy and draft concept for a specific plan of implementation for SmartCamps for the next 10 years.

The purpose of the study is to take a snapshot of development activities in Slovenia and to propose further activities to Si MoD in preparing a 10-year development plan for smart deployable camps and their components (in the territory of Slovenia). The purpose will also be to support the capacity building of Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) and the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (ACPDR). Some of our new members have already been involved into activities of feasibility study (ZAG, LAHDE, KES, FERI).

The aim of the study is to analyse the state of this technology and relevant global trends. It will also seek to define a vision, development strategy and concept for SmartCamps and individual product groups with a broad scope for application across military and peacetime operations.

The study will address research & development, and the technological and innovation capacities of Slovenian stakeholders, whilst also verifying their capacity for the further development of individual SmartCamp building blocks. It will also include a plan for the sequential development and introduction of products based on the availability of breakthrough technologies, and the state of development and technological maturity of products in Slovenian defence and civil industries.

In the following weeks/months Slovenian partners will be invited to state their interest in cooperating on this project.

What are Smart Deployable Camps (Smart Camps)?

SmartCamp is a fast erect interim military or civil infrastructure system, set up for dwelling, operating, and logistical support purposes or for the supply and physical securing of units and people over a period of six months to several years.

Modern hybrid threats, combined with climate impacts and other threats from natural disasters, require the speedy construction of modular, energy-sufficient infrastructures, usable by military forces and those providing civil protection and disaster relief.

An important emphasis in the development of smart deployable infrastructures is that of the research and development of energy efficiency for such self-sufficient dwelling infrastructures. With this in mind, we require the structure to have an independent supply of electricity during operation. This will be achieved through self-generation and the autonomous management of energy consumption and production, with a minimal impact on the environment. Use of renewable and other more sustainable sources of energy, such as hydrogen technologies, will be involved.

More about the feasibility study Smart Camp on SiEnE partnership website..

Additional information

For additional information regarding study and cooperation opportunities, please contact Goran Potočnik Černe, TECES (T: +386 (0)2 333 13 53, E: SiEnE@teces.si). Because at the present time our employees are mostly working from home, they may not be able to answer your calls. Therefore, we encourage you to use e-mail.

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