The Strategic Development and Innovation Partnership Smart Buildings and Home with Wood Chain (SRIP PSiDL) is one of the ten key long-term development partnerships in support of the Slovenian Smart Sustainable Specialisation Strategy (S5). Its ambition is to move Slovenia from a follower to a co-creator of global trends in niche areas.

The PSIDL SRIP brings together members working in the broad field of smart and sustainable buildings, covering building products, wood and wood-based materials, components, devices and systems, both for building installation and building fit-out, and solutions for smart building management and related advanced smart neighbourhood infrastructure.

The primary objective of the SRIP is to create an open, operational and rapidly scalable support environment that, by connecting and creating synergies between different stakeholders, will stimulate companies and other stakeholders to be highly productive and to successfully commercialise competitive products and solutions in the field of smart buildings and the home in the European and global market.

The vision of the SRIP is to establish a lasting partnership that will enable comprehensive solutions for building a smart, sustainable, healthy, environmentally and user-friendly, connected and energy self-sufficient LIVING AND WORKING ENVIRONMENT OF THE FUTURE, based primarily on Slovenian knowledge and Slovenian origin (production).

The vision of the partnership is based on the long-term development (next 10 years) of the smart and sustainable home of the future, with sustainable, net-zero-emission construction, integrated intelligent building management functions for all building segments and, above all, the provision of a high level of comfort and a healthy living and working environment, through the joint development of products, the identified synergies between the partners, the digitalisation and internationalisation of operations, and the establishment of successful business models.


The PSiDL SRIP consists of members of three partners; the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG), the Association of the Wood and Furniture Industry at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS ZLPI) and the TECES innovation cluster.

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What are Strategic Development and Innovation Partnerships (SRIP)?

SRIPs are a long-term partnership between companies, the research sphere, the state and municipalities, as well as integrators, users and the non-governmental sphere - a so-called 'quadruple helix' that connects the investment and intellectual potential of Slovenian stakeholders and organises a comprehensive development and innovation ecosystem for them with the aim of penetrating global markets and positioning themselves more strongly in S5 priority areas.

For more information on the implementation and renewal of the Slovenian Strategy for Smart Sustainable Specialisation - S5 and the ten key Strategic Development and Innovation Partnerships, please visit the website of the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development.


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